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Dust Mite Screen Check Kit

Includes Lab Analysis

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Dust Mite Screen Check Kit

Includes Lab Analysis

Dust Mites are reported as one of the prevalent indoor allergen. Dust Mite Screen kit provides the entire collection tool for collecting the specimen from the test surface. The Dust Mite Screen Check uses a cone shaped filter device called the Bio-Scan DM (or Dust Sock), which is to be connected to the intake end of your vacuum cleaner’s hose for sampling Collected specimen can be evaluated in the laboratory for qualitative and quantitative estimation within 24-48 hrs. Concentration of mite allergen is reported in terms of micrograms. Once EDLab receives the Bio-Scan DM for analysis, your lab report will be generated and emailed within 3-5 business days.

* Identifies Dust mite allergens
* Quick and Easy to use
* Includes Sample Collection Device for 1 surface location
* Includes Analysis

Used by Professionals - the IAQ Screen Check product line is used daily by professionals e.g. industrial hygienists, engineers, medical physicians, and building scientists.

Who Should Use Dust Mite Screen Check Indoor Air Test Kit (DMSC) ?

•  Educators

•  School and Plant Operators

•  Industrial Hygienists

•  Teacher

•  HVAC Engineers

•  Building Maintenance Supervisors

•  Test and Balance Professionals

•  Real Estate Professionals

•  Insurance Claim Adjusters

•  Homeowners

•  Hospital Engineers

•  Physicians

•  Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

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Dust Mite Screen Check Kit

Includes Lab Analysis

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