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Filter Breeze Filter Spray

Great Home Fragrance


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Filter Breeze Filter Spray

Great Home Fragrance

Filter BreezeTM utilizes patent pending time release technology to efficiently and effectively fragrance your entire home for days and does not require special pads or other substrates to be attached to the filter. Simply open filter unit, spray the filter, turn on air or heat and enjoy your favorite scent as it circulates throughout each room in your home. The fragrance level can be controlled by the number of sprays applied to the air filter and easily refreshed when the scent is diminished. Filter BreezeTM is great for any occasion and is available in a variety of fragrances. Try them all today!

Filter Breeze provides you with an economical, quick and easy method to fragrance your entire home for days. This patent pending, long lasting formula applies directly to your filter and does not require special pads or other substrates to be attached. No pads, no holes to punch, no mess! Our Filter Breeze quickly adheres to the filter fibers and can be used with any disposable air filter. Simple open the filter cover, spray the filter, turn on the air or heat and enjoy! 3-5 sprays circulate scent throughout the entire home for several days and each bottle treats up to eight filters. This product is truly an entire home fragrancing system!

Apply Filter Breeze to either side of the filter and YOU control the fragrance level. More sprays can be applied to increase the fragrance level, less for milder level. Our freshener is great for any occasion, keep several fragrances on hand! And, they are also great to use with trash cans, vacuum bags and diaper pails.

 Directions: Shake well. Apply desired number of Filter Breeze sprays directly to the filter. Replace cap to avoid clogging the pump. Allow spray to settle into fibers then reinsert filter into the system. Turn on AC, heat or fan for a pleasant scent throughout your entire home.

Check out Nordic Pure to see all the air filters, air fresheners, Hoover vacuum products, and air purifiers we offer. Not only do we offer great air fresheners, we are also air filter manufactures. Nordic’s filters are a pleated, Merv 12 filter. By pleating the electrostatic air filter media, Nordic Pure filters are able to filter a larger surface area. By increasing the surface area of the filter, we extend the life of the filter. Not only will our electrostatic furnace air filters help clean the air in your home, our filters will also end up saving in costs of replacement filters in the future too!

As you can see, air quality in your home is important to us here at Nordic Pure. Whether you are purchasing our electrostatically charged, pleated filters or inquiring about out our fresheners, we want Nordic Pure to be your one-stop shop for all of your air filter needs. We have been manufacturing air filters since 1960, and we feel that we are the experts in the pleated filter manufacturing arena!

Nordic Pure recommends you replace your air filters every 60 to 90 days. That way our air filters will help your HVAC system to continue running to its best capacity. Check air filters every 30 days though to make sure they are not dirty sooner.

Filter Breeze Filter Spray

Great Home Fragrance

Brand Scentco
Model NP103
Manufacturer Scentco
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