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Lightning Air Hepa Filter

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Lightning Air Hepa Filter

 Nordic Pure now offers the replacement Hepa filter for the SPX Series Lightning Air Plus. The life of the hepa filter depends on the environment it is in. If it is in a heavily polluted environment, for example a residential smoking environment, you would probably want to change the filter 3 to 4 times a year. If it is a commercial smoking environment, you would want to change it more often. If it is not in a heavily polluted environment, you may get 6 months to a year from each filter. We recommend vacuming the back of the filter every month to extend the life.

Lightning Air Hepa Filter

Brand Lightning Air Plus
Replacements Nature's Air, Lightning Air, Better Living, Healthy Living, Zen Living and Spring Air Purifiers
Manufacturer SpringCo Manufacturing
Sku LA-HepaFilter
Shipping 1 to 3 business days
Width 8
Height 8
Depth 1
Weight 0.5

Aff: 2 - 5% / 0%
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