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Pure Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Buffer

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Pure Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Buffer

Pure Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Buffer

Patented, Professional Nail Buffer: Before using the nail buffer, remove any nail polish from your nails, wash your hands with water and soap, and dry your hands thoroughly. Pick up the nail buffer by the finger indention's on the ends. Do not palm the buffer in your hand. Any natural oil you have on your hand will be absorbed by the material, and will keep it from working as effectively.

If you have ridges on your nail, use the Blue side and buff the top surface of the nails firmly from side to side for 3-5 seconds. The ridges are unhealthy and keep the nail from growing properly. The Blue side should be used once a month, if necessary, to remove ridges off the surface of the nail. (The blue side can also be used as a nail file.)

For the next step buff the top surface of the nail gently with the black side for 2-3 seconds to prepare the nail surface. This step should be done once a week.

For the last step buff the surface of the nail, with the white side, pressing a little more firmly from side to side for 3-5 seconds to get great looking nails. the white side should be used once a week or more often if your nails need a lift.


The nail buffer is a wonderful tool for buffing your nails, but it is sensitive to oil and water. You actually need to wash your hands before using the nail buffer, you don't clean the buffer itself.  Any water or oil absorbed by the material will ruin it.


Pure Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Buffer

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