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Chandelier Cord Coverup


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Chandelier Cord Coverup

Chandelier Style Cord Coverup is great for covering ugly chain and electrical cords in your home or office. The 6' long cord cover is easily installed by opening the sewn in velcro seam and re-closing around the cord. Once the cover-up is securely around the chandelier chain, evenly distribute the fabric for a nice, beautiful look. Dry clean or hand wash depending on the fabric style as needed. The recommended fullness is 2 times the length of the chain. Several fabric and color options are available. Just choose a color that best compliments your decor.

Chandelier Style
Cord Coverup® Instructions
• Remove any obstructions from underneath the chandelier.
• Remove rubber bands and slide Cord Coverup® off of stick. Discard stick and rubber bands.
• Open Velcro in order to apply around chandelier chain.
• Secure Velcro around bottom of chandelier chain working your way up.
• Distribute Cord Coverup® evenly after completely securing around chandelier chain.

Important Information
Recommended Cord Coverup® fullness is 2 times length of chain.
Use Cord Coverup® with UL approved cords.

Chandelier Cord Coverup

Brand Cord Coverup
Manufacturer A & M Designs, Inc.
Sku CC-Chan
Shipping 1 to 3 Business Days.
Width 3
Height 75
Weight 0.3

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