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Lightning Air LA-2spx Air Purifier w/HEPA

Lightning Air Plus is the Solution!


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Lightning Air LA-2spx Air Purifier w/HEPA

Lightning Air Plus is the Solution!

Modern buildings are constructed so tightly that odors and pollutants are trapped inside.  Nature's own cleansing process, which uses both activated oxygen and negative ions are left outside.  Dust, pollen, molds, mildew, bacteria and viruses can fill the air in our living spaces.  These can cause odors, irritation and allergic response.  Fumes from paints, cleansers, carpets, pressed board, fabrics and other chemicals are also breathed in daily by you and your family.  According to the EPA, many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 10 times higher than in outdoor air.  The average American spends 90% of their time indoors.

Covers up to 3500 sqft. Totally portable, just plug in and start to enjoy clean, mountain-fresh air. Low energy consumption, simple plate removal for cleaning. This unit now includes a HEPA Filter that can be attached to the back side.  Price includes Free Delivery! No mechanical differences from LA-2 and LA-2sp series. Just some cosmetic changes and a NEW Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ozone Generation:
Double Cold Plasma Dialectic Plate generation. Ozone output varies with level of humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors.

  • Odors from Pets, Cooking, Tobacco, Etc.
  • Mold, Mildew and Pollen
  • Chemical Gases and Paint Fumes
  • Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
  • Dust and Smoke Particles

Perfect For Home Decor:
LightningAir is made of solid wood and stainless steel to blend into the home decor, and comes in 3 beautiful wood finishes oak, cherry, and walnut.

Purifies a range of 200-3500 square feet depending on variables such as humidity, placement, amount of pollution and temperature.

120 volt, 60 hz, input
40 watts power consumption
12-15 kv ion generator power supply
120 cfm, 12 volt DC variable speed fan.

 NEW: Lifetime Limited Warranty
For the lifetime of the original purchase. LightningAir will replace any defective part due to manufacturing defect at no charge. The customer is responsible for labor charges and for safely shipping the unit to the Service Center. LightningAir will return the unit via UPS ground.  LightningAir purifiers are serviced and warranted by the LightningAir Service Center at 2940 Kerry Forest Parkway, Tallahassee, Fla. 32309. For up to 90 days from original date of purchase, LightningAir will replace or repair the product without charge to the customer should the unit prove to have a manufacturing defect.  Simply call LightningAir for authorization and for UPS pickup at no charge to the customer.

Q. Is the LightningAir an ionic purifier?

A. Yes. The LightningAir uses a special negative ion generator with dual needle points to produce the ions. The ions cause dust and other particles to precipitate out of the air.

Q. Where should I place the LightningAir in my home or office?

A. The LightningAir should be placed a few feet off the floor in the room where you have the most pollutants. The LightningAir is easy to move so you might want to try it in a couple of locations to help decide what works best for your environment. Some customers prefer to have more than one unit to better control air cleaning in the home.

Q. How does activated oxygen work?

A. The LightningAir uses electricity to split oxygen O2 molecules into single O atoms which attach loosely to other O2 molecules to become O3 (activated oxygen). This loosely attached oxygen atom is unstable and seeks out chemical compounds and other pollutants and oxidizes them on contact.

Q. How does nature produce activated oxygen?

A. Ozone is created electrically during active thunderstorms. The electrical discharge creates a fresh clean smell that is very distinctive. Ozone is also created by ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Q. How do I know activated oxygen is being produced?

A. Ozone has a very distinctive smell. So the best indication is your nose. You should notice a very fresh clean smell in your home or office.

Q. Is ozone safe?

A. Yes, but as with anything, moderation is the key. Ozone in high concentrations can be irritating to mucous membranes and the respiratory system. If you smell Ozone when you walk into the room turn the purifier down. If you smell household odors you may turn it up for a period of time.

Q. How does it compare to air filters?

A. LightningAir does not rely on the air to actually pass through the machine to be cleaned like conventional air filters. It's not a filter at all. The LightningAir produces negative ions that cause particles to drop out of the air space. In addition, it has a built in sanitizer that attacks odor and other problem areas at their source.

Q. After using the unit for a while, the ozone smell is not as strong, why?

A. There are several possible answers... 1. In long exposure to ozone, the nose becomes less sensitive to the smell. This is particularly valid if the ozone is on a higher setting. 2. The plate may be dirty and need cleaning. 3. A crack or chip in the plate will reduce or eliminate its ability to generate ozone and new ones will need to be purchased.

Q. What maintenance is required?

A. The plates in the back are easily removed for cleaning. Simply wash the plates with soap and water, dry completely and replace.

Q. How often do you change a filter?

A. The life of the hepa filter depends on the environment it is in. If it is in a heavyly polluted environment, for example a residential smoking environment, you would probably want to change the filter 3 to 4 times a year. If it is a commercial smoking environment, you would want to change it more often. If it is not in a heavily polluted environment, you may get 6 months to a year from each filter. We recommend vacuming the back of the filter every month to extend the life.

Q. If one of the plates is broken, will it run on one plate?

A. Both the LA-2SPX and the industrial cleaner LA-3IC will generate ozone with only one plate. Removing a plate reduces the amount of ozone generated. Using one plate at a time allows the user to detect if one plate is bad.

Q. How long will the plates last?

A. Typically, the plates can last one to 3 years depending on environment and use. The plates are consumable and are available to be purchased.

Q. How long will the LightningAir last?

A. The LightningAir is made of stainless steel and solid wood construction. Because of the quality material and superior craftsmanship that goes into each and every LightningAir, you will enjoy it for many years.

Q. Is it difficult to install?

A. Not at all, insert the plates, plug it in and set the dial for the area you will be treating. Install the LightningAir in any room, but try to find a place where it can be up off the ground four feet or more.

Lightning Air LA-2spx Air Purifier w/HEPA

Lightning Air Plus is the Solution!

Brand Lightning Air Plus
Manufacturer SpringCo Manufacturing
Sku LA-2SP
Shipping 4 to 10 days
Width 8.25
Height 12.5
Depth 9.1
Weight 16

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