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Stick-Em Glue Trap 111 PRE Baited 10" x 5" - 2 traps in package

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Stick-Em Glue Trap 111 PRE Baited 10" x 5" - 2 traps in package

Save when you buy 24 - 2 packs

Stick-Em Glue Traps 10" x 5" #111 Pre-Baited
Rat & Mouse Pest Rodent Control w/o Poison

STICK-EM Glue Traps F.A.Q.

Aren't Glue Boards cruel?
As cruel as it sounds, reality dictates that in order to control pests, you must kill them. Traps and poisons do the same thing. Traps rarely kill pests but do irreparable damage. Poisons can take days to kill after ingestion of a poison. Glue boards enable you to cleanly and safely capture one or more pests at one time allowing you to dispose of them humanely. The real goal should be to check on your traps regularly and remove and dispose of any pest that may be trapped.

Can I touch the Glue Trays and Glue Traps?
Yes, they can be safely handled but they are VERY sticky, just remember to wash hands thoroughly after handling. Also see FAQ: How do I remove the glue?

Glue Trap Directions

  • DO NOT expose to extreme heat or damp conditions
  • In dusty areas, lean a board against the wall over the traps
  • Glue Traps can be secures to beams and to pipes with wires or nylon ties
  • In Case of Accidental Contact with adhesive, easy clean up with cooking oil or mineral spirits, followed by washing with mild soap and warm water
  • CAUTION - DO NOT place traps where birds or other non-target animals may come in contact with adhesive.
  • SEPARATE the Glue Traps along the scored hinges and place lengthwise, glue-side up, against walls. To attract rodents more quickly, place a pinch of sugar in enter of trap
  • RATS: Place traps at 10 to 15 ft. intervals.
  • MICE: Place traps at 5 to 6 ft. intervals.
  • INSECTS: Separate the glue traps and place where insects are normally found, such as in cabinets, pantries, under sinks or by refrigerators.
  • SNAKES: Same as for rats and mice

How do I remove the glue?
The glue will remain in the special plastic tray and will not run, even in high temperatures. Cold temperatures do not affect the ability of Glue Boards to trap pests.

If, for some reason, glue becomes attached to a surface, use the following appropriate solution.

Slowly and carefully pull the tray away from the surface it is adhered to and the majority of glue should stay on the trap. To remove any residual glue, refer to the following suggestions.

  • To remove from Pets, People and most surfaces: Dab a little vegetable oil or smooth peanut butter to the glue and let it sit for several minutes. Next, with a dry cloth, rub the area to remove the glue. Repeat as needed then wash with water and a mild detergent.
  • To remove from Clothing: Use the suggestion above or place the item in the freezer. When the glue is frozen, simply peel off!
  • To remove from Carpet or Upholstery: Follow the instructions above or contact a professional carpet or upholstery cleaner.
  • Remove from Floors and other Non-Porous surfaces: The fastest and most effective way for removing glue residue is with mineral spirits such as turpentine or paint thinner or with a Limonene such as Goo Be Gone. As instructed above, dab it on the glue and let sit for several minutes. Use a dry cloth to rub over the glue area. Repeat as necessary and then wash with mild detergent.

How long does it take to work?
With Stick-Em Glue Trays and Glue Traps, as soon as the pest tracks through the tray or trap, the pest is caught!

How safe are Stick-Em Glue Trays and Glue Traps?
They are non-toxic, but Do Not place traps where birds or other non-targeted animals may come in contact with adhesive.

Why control pests?
As we go about our daily lives, we don't think much about pests until we see one and are reminded they exist. It really is important to think about controlling pest before we find evidence of their presence.

Pests because they spread disease, destroy food and cause structural damage. The costs associated with pests are in the billions in the US alone.

Why use Glue Boards instead of traps?
The problem with traps is that they are messy, time-consuming and often do not work. With traps, you have the cost of the trap, the hassle with baiting the trap every time a pest is caught, the danger of removing the pest from the trap and the disposal of the pest. Further, there is a possibility the trap may malfunction. And you can only capture one pest at a time. Because most pests colonize an area, it is likely even if you trap one pest, many more remain

Poisons can be a huge problem. There is a likelihood the pest you poison will wander into an inaccessible area (between walls or in attics or basements) and die resulting in offensive odors, the attraction to other pests and the associated health risk. Poisons pose a danger to livestock, pets and children.

Glue Boards allow you to capture and dispose of pests quickly, easily and more safely than any other method of pest control. Glue boards are so much safer the EPA has decided to make pest control companies use glue boards while banning the use of dangerous pesticides.

Where do I place Glue Traps and Glue Traps?
Look for signs of infestation. If rodents... look for droppings, gnaw marks, fur or listen for sounds. Place trays or traps in the area of highest activity. Locations should include behind appliances and inside cabinets. Try to locate close to the infestation or where nesting activity is occurring.

Stick-Em Glue Trap 111 PRE Baited 10" x 5" - 2 traps in package

Save when you buy 24 - 2 packs

Brand J.T. EATON Glue Traps
Manufacturer JT Eaton
Sku 111-PRE
Shipping 1 to 3 business days

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