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Simple Ways Changing Your Air Conditioner Filters Can Save You Money


Without clean air conditioner filters, you cannot expect your air conditioner to operate at maximum efficiency.  By changing your air conditioner filters once a month, you will ensure that your air conditioner will operate with minimal electricity consumption, with less break downs, and ensure a long lifespan.  Many people think that air conditioner filters are only used to clean the air in their house.  While this is true, air conditioner filters where actually designed to ensure your air conditioner works properly.  It wasn't until awareness of indoor air pollution was raised, that filters where regarded as a way to clean the air you breathe.

Here are 4 ways that you can save money by simply replacing your air conditioning filter.

  1. Maximum Efficiency

    Your HVAC system was engineered to meet a target level of efficiency.  Without a clean air conditioner filters, this simply isn't possible.  Air conditioners have a specific rate of air flow that is needed to provide cool air for your home.  When the filter becomes dirty, it impedes the flow of air to the air conditioning unit.  When this happens, you air conditioner must work harder to keep your house cool, which in turn increases the amount of energy that is needed.  When you air conditioner is dirty, you will see an immediate increase in your heating and cooling bill.

  1. Air Flow Through the House
    With dirty air conditioner filters it restricts air flow, your HVAC system must work much harder to deliver the cool air that it created.  If air cannot effectively reach one or more of the rooms in the house, your common response is probably to turn down the thermostat a few degrees.  This makes your air conditioner run much longer and work much harder.  This will increase your cooling bill as well.

  1. Less Repairs
    Think of your air conditioner as your car.  You know that regular maintenance will extend the life of your car and keep it from breaking down when you least expect it.  The same is true for your air conditioner.  By changing your air conditioner filters in the proper, regular interval, you will decrease the likelihood that expensive repairs will be needed.  HVAC systems cannot operate when they become infested with dirt, dust, and other airborne particulates.  These particles will latch on to moving parts, hoses, and electrical connections.  This will always lead to premature break downs.  By using a high quality air conditioner filter, you can prevent this from happening.

  1. Less Strain

    When dirt, dust, mold, and other particulates accumulate on your air conditioner filters, air is not allowed to pass through the HVAC system efficiently.  This can create back-pressure that will place a large strain on the blower motor.  This increased strain will make the motor work harder to perform at a basic level.  When you drive your car 90 mph, you use more gas than when you drive 60 mph.  This is because the motor is working harder.  The same is true for your air conditioner.  The harder it works the more energy it will consume.

These are just 4 things that changing your air conditioner filters can help in saving you money each and every month.