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AC Line Drainline Buildup Remover Pack of 1

  • Will not harm drain pans, pipes, or pumps.
  • Helps prevent clogs and water leaks.
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive & Non-Fuming
  • Use 1 bottle per quarter for best results
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Use 1 bottle per quarter for best results. The AC Line Drainline Buildup Remover Air Conditioner Condensate is designed to remove scum and slime buildup from the air conditioner, commercial refrigeration, soda machine and water fountain drain pans, lines and condensate pumps. 1. Before cleaning out the drain line, you should turn off the HVAC unit. 2. Use a wet/dry vacuum on the outside drain line to suck out the clog. Or Locate the drain line of the air conditioner, which is generally near the end of the drain pan, below the condenser coil. Blow compressed air into the drain hole to send any loose debris out the end of the drain line. 3. To clean out your drain line, use AC Line - Drainline Buildup Remover. AC Line Instructions: AC Line will help clean soil build up and water deposits left behind in your drain lines. Turn off AC system and pour entire 8 ounce bottle of AC Line into drain line, pan or condensate pump inlet. After approximately 20 minutes turn system back on. For best results use four (4) times a year. Before using AC Line, clear obstructed lines in systems that are totally blocked (See #2 above). This product helps prevent recurrences by coating the inside of the lines, allowing soil build up to flow easily out of the system.

Other Information:
 You should also check the entire length of the drain line to make sure there are no leaks. The water needs to flow down and out from the air-conditioning unit. If a portion of drain line has sagged, this could be where the water is backing up and there may not be a clog in the system. Tie up the sagging portion and run water through it to see if water flows freely to the outside drain opening. If you have a recurring problem with the main drain, it is possible there are other problems. Clogged drains are sometimes a result of poor filter maintenance or using poor quality air filters.

You should check your 1" air filters every 30-60 days to make sure they aren't clogged and change them at least every 90 days or sooner. The thicker the air filter is, the longer you can go between filter changes, but they should be changed every 6 months to keep your air conditioner/furnace running at its best. Remember, drain overflow, or evidence of water leaking may not involve the drain at all. Low refrigerant or other causes may result in condensate disposal issues so you may need to contact an HVAC professional to service your unit. Some HVAC professionals say that exposing the evaporator coil to the harsh chemicals in chlorine and vinegar may, over time, contribute to corrosion. With AC Line, you don't have to worry about that because it offers the following benefits: a. Helps prevent clogs and water leaks. b. Biodegradable. c. Will not harm drain pans, pipes, or pumps. d. Non-corrosive & Non-Fuming e. Safe for use in air conditioner lines and pumps, ice machines.
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Manufacturer Protect Plus Industries
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