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Custom Pure Baking Soda Filters

  • Custom filters allow you to choose the exact size your HVAC system needs.
  • Ideal for customers who have non-standard sized units.
  • Measure your current filter so you get the EXACT size needed.
  • Custom filters ship within 3-7 business days.
  • Made in the USA by Nordic Pure!
Custom Pure Baking Soda Filters

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Custom Pure Baking Soda Odor Deodorizing AC Furnace Filters are made of electrostatically charged baking soda media equivalent to a MERV 8 rating. These air condition filters are made with an unscented baking soda media - and a sturdy beverage board frame with a wire mesh backing. Our Pure Baking Soda furnace filters help control and neutralize odors from pets, smoking, cooking and other unwanted scents. Arm yourself with our Pure Baking Soda HVAC filter for an odor-fighting bang for your buck!

This AC air filter does double duty to ensure household clean, fresh air in your home or office, traps strong smells, and hammers down on allergens, dust, mold spores, pollen and pet dander. Nordic pure air conditioning filters prohibit the growth of mold and bacteria on the filter itself.

The effective life of your AC air filter depends on both the inside and outside conditions in which you live.  It is important to regularly change your furnace air conditioner filters especially during any home improvements for fresh, clean air in your home or office. We recommend that you change your 1" and 2" air filters every 30-90 days to maintain maximum efficiency and economy. Our 4, 5, and 6-inch air filter could last up to 6 months, depending on your home or office environment.

CONSTRUCTION: Custom air filters are made by cutting down or combining 1, 2 or 3 A/C air filter frames. Depending on the size we may use tape to make your custom size air filters. So, they might not be pretty, but they WILL be strong.

RETURNS: Custom AC furnace air filters are not returnable since we hand make them per your exact dimensions when you enter your air filter size above. Since you can NOT return custom sized air filters, please make sure you order the EXACT size you need to the fraction of an inch.

Important Note:  Almost ALL furnace filters have a different "actual size" than the nominal size printed on the air conditioner filter. It's best if you measure your air filter for the EXACT size and compare it to our "Actual Size" - and then you can be sure your A/C air filter fits!

Custom Pure Baking Soda Filters