16x28x6 Aprilaire Space-Gard 2400 Replacement Air Filter Part 401 MERV 12 Plus Carbon 1 Pack

Actual Size: 15 7/16 x 26 15/16 x 6 (15.44 x 26.94 x 6)

MERV 12 = MPR 1500-1900, FPR 9
  • Removes lint, household dust, pollen, smoke particles, dust mites, pet dander, virus carriers, mold spores and other contaminants.
  • 16x28x6 Aprilaire Space-Gard Replacement 2400 Air Filter Part 401 carbon plus SBRP2440 SBRP24MQP SBRP24GQP SBRP24OB
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial pleated electrostatic filter material
  • Nordic Pure recommends changing your air filter every 30-90 days to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Made in the USA
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Nordic Pure 16x28x6 Aprilaire Space-Gard 2400 Replacement Air Filters Part 401 MERV 12 Plus Carbon are made of a dual material where the MERV rated material has been fused together with a carbon layer. This results in less flow restriction and 33% more surface area for cleaner smelling air. It will help eliminate unwanted odors as well as trap most airborne dust and particulate matter for fresh, clean air. Odorous gases and vapors (VOC) are attracted to and held by the activated carbon material while maintaining excellent air flow properties. With each pass through the pleated furnace air filter, the air in your living environment improves.

Each time air passes through a Nordic Pure Pleated ASG activated carbon replacement furnace filter, lint, household dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants are removed. Our air filters use permanently electrostatically charged material that acts like a magnet to help dust cling to the air condition filter. All Nordic Pure pleated + carbon A/C filters are manufactured using a heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame. There is a metal mesh support grid bonded to the pleats for extra support. Our AC filter media prevents the growth of bacteria or mold, resulting in a much healthier living environment.

MERV 12 furnace air condition filters are comparable to HVAC filters with the rating of MPR 1500-1900 or a rating of FPR 9. This high-performance HVAC replacement filter will outperform non-electrostatic fiber-glass filters, washable filters, poly disposable filters, and will help keep your air conditioning and heating systems running efficiently, saving money on utilities and costly maintenance.

The effective life of your AC air filter depends on both the inside and outside conditions in which you live.  It is important to regularly change your furnace air conditioner filters especially during any home improvements for fresh, clean air in your home or office. We recommend that you change your air filter every 3-6 months to maintain maximum efficiency indoor air quality.

Important Note:  Almost ALL furnace filters have a different "actual size" than the nominal size printed on the air condition filter. It's best if you measure your air filter for the EXACT size and compare it to our "Actual Size" - and then you can be sure your A/C air filter fits!
Actual Size 15 7/16 x 26 15/16 x 6 (15.44 x 26.94 x 6)
Width 16
Height 28
Filter Thickness 6
Lead/Handling Time 5
Manufacturer Nordic Pure
UPC 848224076858
SKU 16x28x6ASGM12+C-1
Replacement for Model Number/Part Number APRILAIRE - 2400
LENNOX - X0444
LENNOX - X1444
LENNOX - X4559
LENNOX - X5425