.25 Foam Tape Roll - 1/4 in. (T) x 3/4 in. (W) x 25 ft. (L) Pack of 1

  • Supplied in 25 foot rolls so it will last for multiple filter changes
  • SCE 41 Grade Neoprene Sponge with rubber based adhesive on one side
  • Neoprene sponge foam is more durable than latex sponge rubber or polyurethane foam
  • Temperature Rated
  • 1/4" tape adds up to 1/2" when added to both ends of filter
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Our Neoprene Sponge (Gasketing/Weatherstripping) tape will insure the best possible results from your air filters. If you need to fill any gaps and/or produce a secure fit between filter and filter cabinet, you can add some of our neoprene sponge foam seal stripping. Look at our filters "Actual Size" in the product listings to see if our standard size filters combined with our sealing tape would work for you instead of ordering custom filters if the width and/or length of our filter is just a fraction too small for your unit.

Black in color works great to make those furnace A/C filters that are just a little smaller than what you need fit perfectly. Also great for gasketing material where the seal is long term and only moderate compression recovery is required. Used for HVAC, automotive, construction industries, for gasketing in electronic devices and weatherstripping for windows and doors.

To install: a. Cut strip to proper length for side(s) that need to be longer. b. Peel off liner backing. c. Press foam seal strip along full length of the side that needs to be longer. On 1" filters the strip will be as wide as the filter is. On 2", 4" and 5" filters, put the strip on the edge of filter on leaving airflow side. d. Install filter.
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Manufacturer Lamatek
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SKU FoamRoll.25-1